2024 Honda City Problems

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2024 Honda City Problems

New Honda City Specification On Road Price Group Landmark


Upholding a legacy of leaving behind a greener Earth for future generation, the All-New City has a clean Diesel Engine. Under BS6, specifically where NSC (NOx …

Honda City Diesel Variants Explained Which One To Buy V3Cars


The Honda City diesel has the following shortcomings or problems: High entry price of about Rs. 13.0 lakh (ex-showroom) …

My Car Won T Start Why What You Can Do And Troubleshooting


Read about My car won’t start: why, what you can do and troubleshooting also visit Honda car Service center in Mumbai at www.solitairehonda.com.

Honda Diesel Car Owners In India Facing Holes In Engines Cartoq

Honda diesel car owners in India facing holes in engines: 3 incidents already 

There have been multiple cases now where Honda’s diesel engines have started … Before this, a Honda City was reported with the same issue.

Honda City 4th Gen Problems Watch Before You Buy YouTube

Honda City’s 4th generation is still on sale after the Launch of the new Honda City 5th …

10 Most Common Honda City Problems Reported By Owners

10 Most Common Honda City Problems Reported by Owners

From low ground clearance, laggy CVT and door channel rusting. Here are 10 most common Honda City problems reported by their owners.

Honda Issues City Recall India


Honda has recalled nearly 58,000 units of the City sedan in India as part of a larger global recall to replace a part in the engine – a …

What Is The Common Problem Of Honda City Interview Area


The Honda City gets acceleration problems which can be troublesome especially if you are on the highway. Reports say that slower cars are more likely to get …

2022 Honda City Hybrid Observations After A Day Of Driving


One of the most unnerving traits about the City Hybrid is the fact that you cannot throttle steer during hard cornering and balance the car on …

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One would normally think that the problem would correct itself, but the crux of the problem is that there is no competition. Honda must have about 80 …