2025 Honda Civic Si Review

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2025 Honda Civic Si Review

Video 2022 Honda Civic Si Review Yahoo Finance


With the number of vehicles that offer a manual transmission dwindling, you must appreciate that the Si comes only with a stick shift. And what …

First Drive Review 2022 Honda Civic Si Toes The Line For Affordable


The redesigned 2022 Honda Civic Si proves that you don’t need to be rich or have access to a racetrack to have fun behind the wheel.

2022 Honda Civic Si Quick Spin Drive Review Autoweek


This new Civic sees a substantial upgrade in the interior and a distinctly different design direction. While the previous generation of Honda’s …

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Despite being a performance car, the Civic Si’s 1.5-liter engine is seriously efficient. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates this …

2015 Honda Civic Review Ratings Edmunds


It’s smooth, comfortable and quiet. The stereo is great, and the velocity-based audio is a treat. It’s getting 37mpg right now, but it’s not even broken in.

2023 Honda Civic Si Review Pricing And Specs Car And Driver


At the test track our long-term Civic Si managed a 6.6-second 60-mph time, 0.7 seconds quicker than a Civic hatchback we tested with the six-speed manual.

2015 Honda Civic Si Review Notes Little Charmer Autoweek


The Honda Civic Si has a new smoothed out body. The estimated fuel economy of the Civic is 22/31/25 mpg. The Civic Si has a 2.4-liter DOHC 4- …

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Driver and passenger sit on heavily-bolstered thrones that proved comfortable, but, bucking the improvement trend seen across the board …

2022 Honda Civic Si Review The Affordable Stealth Fighter


2022 Honda Civic Si Specs · Base Price (As Tested): $28,315 ($28,910) · Powertrain: 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder | six-speed manual transmission …

2022 Honda Civic Si Review Evolution Of An Icon Motor1


There aren’t a lot of cars that stir emotions quite like the Honda Civic Si. The affordable performance icon has been around in the US off and …