2025 Honda Civic Towing Capacity

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2025 Honda Civic Towing Capacity

Honda Civic Towing Specifications It Still Runs


The Honda Civic Sedan is designed primarily to carry passengers and their cargo — up to a total of 850 lbs. That said, with planning and preparation your …

How To Choose A Trailer Hitch For A Honda Civic Car And Driver


Honda Civics are designed to carry up to 850 lbs — cargo and passengers combined. With the aid of a trailer hitch, your Honda Civic can …

Towing Capacity Honda Civic Forum


I think Corolla has a tow rating of 1500 lb. doesn’t mean its meant to pull that much weight. Comeon sombody back me up that pulling **** with FWD especially …

2015 Honda Civic Values Cars For Sale Kelley Blue Book


Dimensions, Weights & Capacities ; 179.4 inches · 56.6 inches · Not Recommended · 12.5 cubic feet · 35.4 feet.

Towing A Trailer W Small Sedan Honda Civic Radar Detector Forum


Don’t hold me to it but most passenger cars sold in the US are good for 1500 lb. towing with a 500 pound tongue weight. As long as you don’t …

How Much Weight Can A Honda Civic Tow Justdownsize

How much weight can a Honda Civic tow?

A Honda Civic can tow from 0 lbs up to 3,300 lbs depending on the car’s year of manufacture and whether the towed vehicle is equipped with …

2022 Honda CR V Towing Capacity


If you’ve been searching for the right compact SUV for your daily drives and occasional short trips, you may find yourself asking “How much …

Honda Civic Towing Capacity CarsGuide


The towing capacity of the Honda Civic supports up to 1500kg. This is a braked figure, while the maximum load for any vehicle without using trailer brakes …

Honda Civic Towing Capacity Can It Tow A Trailer Boat Or Jet Ski

Honda Civic Towing Capacity: Can It Tow a Trailer, Boat, or Jet Ski?

Car Trailer: All Honda Civic models will be able to tow an empty car trailer. On average an empty car trailer weighs 1,900 pounds. A loaded car …