2025 Honda Civic Type R MSRP

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2025 Honda Civic Type R MSRP

New Honda Civic Type R Revealed Price Specs And Release Date


This is the all-new Honda Civic Type R – it looks better than ever, has more power, and is already breaking lap records. Read on for full …

2023 Honda Civic Type R Everything We Know Motor1


But, as with any new model, there will be a slight price increase over its predecessor. Considering the 2021 Civic Type R started at $38,910 …

Video Honda Civic Type R Sport Line Review GRR Goodwood


Did you know that every Honda Civic Type R, bar two specific variants, has been built in the UK …

2023 Honda Civic Type R First Look Review CarBuzz


The price of the Honda Civic Type R hasn’t been revealed yet but, for reference, the previous Type R began at around $38,000 just before it was discontinued.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Spy Shots And Video Redesigned Hot


Honda launched a redesigned Civic for 2022, and a prototype for the Type R variant has just been spotted.

2023 Honda Civic Type R Performance Price And Photos


Expect the 2023 Type R to start around $40,000 if you can find one at MSRP. Price-gouging practices by dealerships on exclusive models are …

2023 Honda Civic Type R What We Know So Far Car And Driver


Honda hasn’t said how much the 2023 Civic Type R will cost, but we expect it’ll start just under $40,000 when it goes on sale. However, we’re told that won’t be …

New Honda Civic Type R To Be Extremely Limited In Canada


Man, talk about a disappointment for potential customers if this turns out to be true. Not only will there be very few units to order, but you …

2023 Honda Civic Type R What We Know About The Hot Hatch


As for the model’s pricing? Well, that depends on the path Honda takes. A hybrid AWD Type R could push the model’s price tag well beyond $40,000 …

New 2023 Honda Civic Type R Prototype Price Release Date

New 2023 Honda Civic Type R Prototype price, release date

Expected cost for the new Civic Type R 2023 will cost around $45,000. It should be reminded that some earlier unofficial information said that …