2025 Honda Clarity Towing Capacity

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2025 Honda Clarity Towing Capacity

2021 Honda Clarity Review Pricing And Specs Car And Driver


The plug-in manages 42 mpg combined on the EPA scale and 110 MPGe when you consider gas and electricity together.

Anybody Tow A Trailer With Their Clarity PHEV Inside EVS Forum


Curious to see how the Clarity would handle towing 1,500lbs or less. I’m itching for a tear-drop trailer which is normally around 600lbs. To …

2021 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Specs ISeeCars


Hauling · Max Payload 913 lbs · Towing Capacity – · Max Towing Capacity – …

2022 Honda CR V Towing Capacity


Across the 2022 lineup, this Honda SUV can tow a standard 1,500 pounds! … The 2022 Honda CR-V towing capacity remains the same throughout …

Honda Debuts All Electric And Plug In Electric Versions Of Its Clarity

Honda debuts all-electric and plug-in electric versions of its Clarity sedan

“The Honda Clarity is aimed at accelerating the deployment of advanced … rating of 42 miles1, the longest of any midsize plug-in hybrid.

2020 Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Now Available


The Honda Clarity is a great automobile. It has only one problem. The 17 kWh battery pack weighs too much (6-800 pounds). This makes the Clarity …

2018 Honda Clarity Gets 47 Miles Of Electric Range 110 Mpg E


When it arrives in dealerships later this year, the Clarity will boast an EPA fuel economy of 110 combined mpg-e, with a gas-only city rating of …

Camp Trailer Towing Honda Clarity Forum


(I’m a very cautious EE.) For the Ecohitch, half would be 150 lb tongue weight and 1500 lb towed. I don’t exceed the 150# tongue weight for my …

Honda Clarity Plug In Hybrid Is Gone After 2021 But Clarity Fuel Cell


The odd one out in the family proved to be the Clarity Electric. Offered from 2017-2019 and saddled with a 25.5-kwh battery pack and a range of …