2025 Honda Insight Cargo Space

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2025 Honda Insight Cargo Space

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The Honda Insight has a trunk space of 5.0 ft³, 14.7 ft³ or 15.1 ft³ depending on its trim and model year.

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Original Leather Seats, Audio/CD Player, Reverse Sensors, Retractable Side Mirrors, Huge Boot Space. Description. Owned This Car With 95% Loan …

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15.1 cu.ft. Maximum cargo capacity, 15.1 cu.ft. Standard seating, 5. Exterior. Length …

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Several of the Honda’s competitors are hatchbacks—the Insight is a conventional sedan with a separate trunk—which means they can hold more stuff and their large …

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The new Insight doesn’t look dorky or odd like most other hybrids. … the trunk, allowing for a generous 15.1 cubic feet of cargo space and …

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The Insight, for example, has the same 408-litre luggage capacity and a similar-shaped boot. The rear seats can take three adults at a pinch …

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As we’ve come to expect from Honda, the Insight offers a pretty impressive amount of cargo space for a relatively small sedan. Naturally, the battery under …

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Trunk space in the Insight is more than 15 cubic feet officially, which is good for the class, although we applaud how Honda has packaged …

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“The reasonably deep cargo hold has about 15 cubic feet of capacity, and the 60/40-split rear bench can be folded down via levers in the trunk. The hybrid …